Progress Suspension for the Civic SI


There's nothing in the installation that would prevent a weekend garage enthusiast from installing all these parts with some jack stands and basic mechanic tools.  Fortunately the boss doesn't require that we do our best work on our back (can't wait to see the comments on that) and it's so much nicer to do suspension work with a lift.  For installation we went to Technosquare where Howard Watanabe made quick work of the components.  Howard pre-measured the height from the ground to the top of the wheel well to get an eyeball change on the height adjustment before heading over to West End for an alignment.


Progress SI rear suspension

The Progress rear rubber isolators in action.


Asian Squat
Howard assuming the Asian squat position…


Progress rear drivers side suspension civic si
…and poof seconds later the driver's side rear suspension is done.


adjusting the rear camber on the civic si
Howard adjusts the camber by counting the threads on the SPC arm matching one side to another.  Pre-loading the suspension with the scissor jack made this easy with the arm on the car since we didn't adjust the arms beforehand.


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