Progress Suspension for the Civic SI


Teflon tape to prevent squeaking on antiroll bar
Howard applies his trick of using Teflon tape to the swaybar bushings along with the Vaseline type goop supplied with the kit for a noise free installation.


 spring compressor
If you don't have a spring compressor rent one of the clamp style ones.  Anyone working on cars long enough has seen or used the foot over the strut technique, but it really is a horrible idea!


SI front strut tower
There are a couple sets of camber plates made for the SI, but it doesn’t look like any fun trying to make adjustments behind the front cowl.  The strut towers actually reside on the same vertical plane as the dash on the inside of the car.


SI suspension camber bolts
Camber bolt located on top with the tab facing out.  This is close to the maximum adjustment setting of -1.5 degrees.  We may opt to use a second camber bolt on the bottom for more negative camber during track use.


Progress SI front suspension


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