Project 240SX Land Speed Racer: SPL Pro Suspension Bits and More!



To adjust static toe and reduce dynamic toe changes, we completed the rear suspension with SPL’s toe rods.  SPL Pro Suspension’s toe rod is constructed from 1.25″ chromoly and like their RUCA, are angled to provide additional clearance to the frame.  In road racing applications, this additional clearance helps prevents suspension bind on lowered cars when cornering.  In our land speed application, we’ll utilize this additional clearance to assume a low stance to reduce the chances of lift at high speeds.  In the rear, we’ll most likely run zero toe to minimize rolling resistance or if need be, slight toe in to increase rear end stability under acceleration .  Although running slightly toe in will reduce the likelihood of going on Mr. Toad’s wild ride, the stability will come at the cost of increased rolling resistance and tire temperatures. 



Since the SPL toe rod has an adjuster built into it, we complemented the SPL toe rods with their eccentric lock out kit to eliminate the factory toe adjustment.  The factory adjustment utilizes a bolt with an eccentric washer attached to it, which essentially functions as a cam lobe when it’s turned.  Turning this “cam lobe” decreases and increases the length of the factory link and in turn, adjusting rear toe.



SPL’s lock out kit replaces the factory eccentric bolt with a new bolt paired with a concentric aluminum washer.  The concentric washer centers the bolt and eliminates the factory toe adjustment by fitting snugly between the tabs on the rear subframe. 



To round out the adjustability of the rear suspension, we added SPL’s tension rod.  The SPL tension rod helps prevent toe change during acceleration and braking.  This is done by replacing the stock rubber bushings, which are prone to deflection under loads, with solid spherical bearings.  In addition, rear toe changes are prevented by reducing bump steer through SPL’s hybrid adjuster.




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