Project 240SX Land Speed Racer: SPL Pro Suspension Bits and More!


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Each of SPL Pro Suspension’s links utilizes a lightweight, gundrilled hybrid adjuster with close tolerance threads to help ensure accurate and predictable alignment changes.  The key feature which differentiates the SPL hybrid adjuster is the combination of right and left handed threads it uses to make centering the spherical bearing easier during an alignment.  It’s important to remember that the spherical bearing should be centered with the car resting on the suspension.  If you center the spherical bearing with the suspension in full droop, it will most likely not be centered when you put the car weight back on the suspension.  To help fight corrosion, the components of the hybrid adjuster have been electroless nickel plated.  This also helps prevent the threads from seizing. 

Additional corrosion resistance is provided to SPL’s suspension links through a black urethane powder coating which covers it main body and also the utilization of the blue, type II anodizing.  Although titanium already has good corrosion resistant properties, it’s been hard anodized to create a hard oxide layer.  Since titanium is a rather gummy material that galls easily, this hard anodized layer helps prevent galling of SPL’s titanium fasteners and locking nuts. 





The only remaining bushings that were not replaced with the low friction, spherical bearings of the SPL links were in Project 240LSR’s rear hub assembly.  No matter how skilled and clever you think are, you will need a press to install these bushings right.  OK, well there was that one guy on You Tube that fab’d up a custom installation tool using a lathe and a welder but if you don’t have press, you most likely don’t have those other tools either.  Without a press, welder, or lathe you may be tempted to cut them in half like some of the knuckleheads did on the forums.  Instead, just take it down to your local suspension shop and have them pressed in.  They’re a tight fit, but will actually stretch in length to fit the width of the hub.

In the next installment of Project 240 LSR, we’ll button up the suspension with the addition of Whiteline sway bars and also freshen up the brakes with some help from our friends over at Fastbrakes.  Maybe we’ll even get a motor in this thing.  Who knows?  Stay tuned.



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Project Land Speed Racer Nissan 240SX

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