Project 350Z – Boosting Power With DC Sports and Berk Technology


The passenger side Berk Technology cat bolts up perfectly with plenty of clearance around everything.

The driver side high flow cat fits excellently as well.  Believe it or not, we have had fitment trouble with other brands of high flow cat for the Z car.  The issue usually is the rest of the exhaust doesn't fit properly.  We have had to slot out the bolt holes and even cut and reweld the tubes for proper fit.  We have never had any of these issues with a Berk Technology product.

You can see a huge difference between the stock Y pipe on top and the DC Sports one at the bottom.  With its sharp bends and very restrictive T junction, the Y pipe is the biggest bottleneck in the stock exhaust.  It's pretty easy to see which part is going to make more power!

The DC Sports Y pipe fits the the Berk Technology high flow cats perfectly with no slotting, bending, tweaking, or general frustration.  Even though it's a dual exhaust in the place of a single, it easily clears everything on the bottom of the car as well.  The exhaust looks almost too nice to have under the car!

The exhaust as routed towards the back of the car.  The piece of wood was only used to hold the exhaust up while everything was bolted in place.

The stock muffler bottom compared to the more compact DC Sports.  The DC sports part is straight through vs the stock reverse flow part so it has much less backpressure.  Although the stock muffler isn't too bad with a totally stock engine, the DC Sports part has a lot more flow potential for future mods.  The DC Sports exhaust is quite a bit lighter as well.

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