Project 350Z – Boosting Power With DC Sports and Berk Technology


Howard hangs the DC Sports muffler.  It fit the stock hangers perfectly.

We were worried that the DC Sports dual exhaust might interfere with our Whiteline adjustable rear swaybar since it probably was not designed with that bar in mind.  Fortunately the two fit without touching!

Our complete exhaust system is a thing of beauty!  Too bad you can't see most of it with the vehicle on the ground.

Back on the conservative Technosquare dyno for the moment of truth.  The first thing we noticed is that the exhaust is very quiet!  Dispite having larger tubing diameter, and straight through mufflers with no resonators, the DC Sports exhaust isn't much louder than stock with a pleasant deep tone!

The dyno results were pretty impressive.  Note that our dyno is more conservative than typical.  Usually a stock 350Z will have about 20 more hp on other dynos.  It is important to look at the differences in power compared to the raw numbers.  With our exhaust mods Project Z gained 17.3 hp and 18.1lb ft of torque.  As you can see from the dyno charts the gains are large and across the board with a lot of gains in area under the curve. There are no losses anywhere in the power range, a good result for a naturally aspirated motor. That is big fat useable power.

With exhaust restriction removed we will be looking at other power adders for Project 350Z.  We think with a little more work, we can get a least another 20 hp from our naturally aspirated track machine without going inside the engine.  These gtains should not compromise reliability in track use and still keep the car streetable for the limited street use it has.  Stay Tuned!

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