Project 350Z – ECU Tuning With Church Automotive and UpRev


Shawn built a composite cam control map from our dyno data then reflashed the ECU.  The cam control has some lag as the hydraulics cannot instantly control the cam timing so Shawn made some adjustments after a few more pulls to compensate for the lag.  Once the cam control map was tuned to his satisfaction Shawn verified that our AFR was still good and made some fine tuning changes.
After the majority of the tuning was done, Shawn noticed that the knock sensor had become active as the engine started to run better.  This was due to higher cylinder pressure being generated by the well tuned engine, particularly after optimizing the cam control map.  Shawn went in and retarded the timing in the areas of knock activity until our knock count was consistently zero.  Detonation will quickly damage your engine on the track and it is important to get rid of it.   Our engine was really responding well to the tuning.
On Church's dyno our car gained an impressive amount of power and torque going from 288whp to 304 whp, a gain of 16 hp.  Torque increased from 263 lb/ft to 277 lb/ft a gain of 14 lb/ft.  In some places of the powerband there were gains of 30 lb/ft.  Look how much smoother the tuned powerband is as well!  With gains across the board, tuning the ECU to work with our combo has been the single biggest power adder we have done to this point.  Shawn says our car is one of the stronger Z's he has tuned at this level of mods.
For the sake of project car consistency, we redynoed the car on our notoriously stingy Superflow chassis dyno.  Our dyno typically reads 10-20 hp less than other dynos in our area.
Although the results on our dyno were not as great as Church's dyno, they are still pretty impressive.  The peak power is the same but the area under the curve is greatly increased and the powerband is smoother with less dips.  The engine can now rev past the power peak so we don't bang off the fuel cut anymore.  We noticed that doing a full pull on our dyno takes much longer than on the Dynapack at Church Automotive.



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