Project 350Z – ECU Tuning With Church Automotive and UpRev


Gaining around 40 whp and 25 lb/ft of torque mostly across the entire useable power range is a pretty decent accomplishment for just adding bolt ons.  Adding more rpm to the useable power range on top adds way more area under the curve than the slightly loss of torque we saw below 3300 rpm.  Without the stress of forced induction our car should be reliable on the track without overheating issues and without the extra weight over the front wheels.  We are pretty satisfied with our results so far.  Our car with bolt ons makes more power than your typical 370Z on our dyno.

Adding a bunch of high revving naturally aspirated power has really transformed the character of Project 350Z.  Before our car had lots of capability in the handling and braking department  but the stock levels of power and low rev limit made it almost boring to drive.

Now the engine freely revs and makes glorious NA sounds on its way up.  The car feels eager and ready to go aided by our light flywheel.  At this point the car's engine more properly matches the capabilities of its chassis.  Our low buck brawler 350Z feels like it might give our new supercharged FR-S the business on the track, we would like to see which of these RWD coupes is actually quicker.  The cool FR-S or the ugly low buck older Z.  The Z with its torque and wide powerband is for sure the more rewarding car to drive on the street right now.  We are eager to see which car rules the track.

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