Project Autocross BRZ: Finding More Grip with KW Clubsports


The rear shock shown is all we need to see how the rear top hat is a perfected design fitting to the allowed space within the confines of the shock mount.
This lower rear shock picture illustrates how easy adjustments can be made in the future due to the external resevoir where the high and low speed compression adjustments are located.
Comparing the front dampers of the ClubSport to the V3 they appear to be roughly the same length.
The insatllation of the front Clubsport dampers was a straight forward affair. Measurements were taken from the V3 dampers so as not to alter the balance too much upon initial installation.
The camber plates on the Clubsports were also matched up to where the V3s had been prevously set. This allowed the car to be close to where it needed to be alignment wise.

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