Project Autocross BRZ: Finding More Grip with KW Clubsports


Visiting our good friend Justin at Lake Country Alignment.

After the installation it was off to visit Lake Country Alignment to dial in the initial settings for the BRZ. It was decided that the car would be set at a conservatively low ride height, corner balanced and aligned. We started by setting the ride height at 630mm front and 633mm rear, measured inline with the axles from the rack’s level surface to the wheel well arch. Once the ride height was close the BRZ was balanced by fine tuning the ride height to shift the weight as needed. Justin and I had discussed the corner weighing in detail which is where the call was made to set the car without the driver as at this time it was not decided if there would be a codriver for the BRZ this season. This would be our initial setting until some data and seat time could be gathered to allow educated adjustments to the alignment.

The KW Clubsport 3 way suspension looks great under the BRZ. On the initial drive out the ride was dramatically improved compared to the KW V3s which was quite difficult to believe.
Our corner weights have been set without a driver as we weren’t quite sure at this time if there would be a co driver this season so the car was set close as a base point.
Split weights shown here illustrate that the car is currently set with a front weight bias allowing it to easlily rotate around a tight autocross course vs. how you would set a car for the track.

Leaving Lake country alignment on a rainy day here in the midwest allowed some time for me to get reaquainted with the BRZ. The new KW Suspension coupled with the current alignment and balance settings really made the car feel as if it was planted on the wet pavement. It was a feeling similar to that of going from all season tires to your dedicated summer tires. The car had a newfound level of grip. We’re really look forward to making use of the high/low speed bump adjustment that is available on the KW Clubsport 3 way suspension, it will play a big role in keeping the car in contact with the typically challenging surfaces that most autocross courses are made of.

To be continued……


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KW Suspension

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