Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Improving Stopping With a Chevy Performance Big Brake Upgrade Kit


The size difference between the stock Z51 and Chevy Performance rotors is readily apparent when they are stacked back to back.

Howard installs the Chevy Performance rotor.

Usually installing big brakes means that the heatshields on the stock rotors have to either be cut, removed or modified. Fortunately, the C7 heatshields are designed from the factory for bigger rotors, and the new brakes simply bolt in place in minutes.


The big Chevy Performance rear brakes are looking mighty impressive!

The stock Z51 brakes were no slouch, but having a larger rotor is necessary for helping maintain system balance. The bigger front brakes require bigger rear brakes to keep all of the car’s electronics in calibration and happy.


Having a two piece rear rotor with all of its advantages on a rear brake system with an integrated parking brake drum is pretty unusual. This is stuff usually reserved for exotics and high-end aftermarket big brake kits. The Chevy Performance kit is just that!

As an afterthought, it might have been nice to powdercoat that hat black to match the front rotors, but at least the aluminum anti-corrosion coating isn’t going to rust.



  1. Thank you for the video and article regarding the Stingray upgrades. I have been looking at the Chevy brake upgrade but was hesitant due to Chevy performance article stating that the brake upgrade was not compatible with the z51 stock wheels for clearance. I saw your car in the video and read the article that you used the stock wheels. Therefore I wanted to ask if you had any trouble with the stock z51 wheels fitting the upgrade? Was a spacer needed? Thank you for any help or detailed pictures regarding brake clearance with stock z51 wheels.

  2. Which are you referring to as being heavier, the OEM units or the upgraded units? Do you know the actual weight of the upgraded calipers and rotors?

  3. What is the GM part number for this kit? My local GM Performance dealer was quite confused! The entire C7 project series was amazing and gave me inspiration to upgrade my 2019 Z51.

  4. So you did the video showing the b4 the Z51 brake upgrade. What about the after video (I can’t seem to find it). Also it appears that there are disclaimers for using this upgrade kit and it appears the spacer is not available.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance..

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