Project Cappuccino: Witchcraft and Wizardry
Cappuccino Garbage Charger Wiring
This badly focused picture was the start of that icky “oh this is really gonna suck” feeling. We knew there was some aftermarket wiring in the car as it came equipped with power door locks (not a factory option), an aftermarket stereo, a Japanese version of EZ pass, and an extended cigarette lighter charger, but this was our first indication that the Japanese installer may not have actually known what they were doing.
Cappuccino Wiring Explosion
Things immediately got worse from there. After removing the glovebox, a rats nest of wiring vomited out from under the dash. The only solution was obvious: GET THIS CRAP OUTTA HERE! We decided all of the aftermarket parts were getting yanked, including the stereo. The stereo in the Cappuccino isn’t all that useful since the only speakers are down by your ankles and with the roof off you can’t really hear it anyway. With Bluetooth technology, we don’t need a heavy stereo system in the car anyway.
Cappuccino Extra Speakers
If you look past the Corbeau seat (that we were hoping would give us more thigh room, but was too wide to actually fit properly) you’ll see what the previous owner of our car did to enhance the audio experience: mounting a pair of Pioneer speakers to the rear parcel shelf. While they helped the audio, they were only held in by double sided tape. That’s a big fat nope! Removing the stereo removed these potential concussion hazards.
Cappuccino Radio Wiring Barf
Removing the stereo allowed us to remove this colorful spaghetti as well. At least the stereo installer used a completely standalone wiring harness from Pioneer so all we had to do was unplug and unthread everything from the car.
Cappuccino Radio Power Source
The one exception was this wire here, which is the main power supply to the radio. Normally, one would run this wire to the ignition switch as a source of keyed power. This installer chose the brake light switch. Not only that, but they used a guillotine splice and not even a proper splice. This is a new one on me.


    1. In the Cappuccino, there is no dimmer for the dash lights. I’m not sure if they are dimmable in other vehicles. But for the Cappuccino the dash lights are so dim to begin with they bring the readability up from “useless” to “regular 90’s car.”

      1. I replaced the cluster lights in my e30 with leds, and they dim perfectly with the standard dimmer.
        It really is a great upgrade. And they will practically work forever.

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