Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Adding a Radium Coolant Tank

As we prepare our max effort bolt on GT-R engine for tuning we decided to use Radium Engineering’s Coolant tank as a final touch to clean up our engine compartment.  The stock coolant tank is pretty big and blocks access to the front of the engine.  It is also a somewhat porous, thick translucent plastic and it discolors and looks crappy.

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To clean up our engine compartment, we decided to use Radium Engineerings Coolant tank. Technically this doesnt do much for performance but it does make things a lot more tidy in the engine compartment. The Radium tank comes with a bracket that makes it a direct bolt in, high pressure caps and high quality hardware.

The tank itself is CNC machined billet aluminum that is anodized for corrosion resistance. Since the tank is subjected to full cooling system pressure is its pretty solidly made.

The Radium tank has a baffle to prevent air from getting into the cooling system just like the OEM tank does. Like the stock tank the Radium part acts like a high bleed point and a surge tank for the cooling system to purge all air from the system.

The tank has coolant circulating in it from the top and is sucked down from the bottom. Air is purged from the cooling system this way. The Radium tank has quality AN fittings for the coolant lines.

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