Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Adding a Radium Coolant Tank

Here is another hose barb to AN fitting that goes from the thermostat housing to the coolant tank.

Here is the tank bolted in place on the core support.  Its deepness and height in the cooling system means that it will do a good job in getting problematic air bubbles out off the cooling system.  Surge tanks are very effective at this to the point where we add these to every race car we build.

The coolant line from the thermostat housing is attached to the top of the tank.  The thermostat housing is the high point of the cooling system on the engine and bubbles will be purged from here to the tank assuring that the engine will have no insulating air pockets in it.

The hose on the bottom of the tank goes to the lower radiator hose. This way coolant is drawn from the thermostat housing to the tank and de-aerated in the tank before the coolant is returned to the engine.

The coolant tank vent line is connected to the tanks neck, run under the car, and our install is done.

Next the coolant tank is filled with long life coolant.

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