Project Car Update: The V8 Edition


Project V8 RX-7 


Jeff prefers to remain mum on the details at this moment but he did say that he is working on an uber street suspension setup to complement the thrust from his recently installed and emissions legal General Motors Performance Parts E-Rod V8.  The suspension setup will be the first of its kind on an RX-7.

Project V8 RX-7 is not currently seeing the road that often due to the woeful state of its bald and dry rotted tires so expect to see an enhancement at some point in the form of a new tire package.


No question, new tires are needed for Project V8 RX-7.  Jeff tells me that one of the tires will even go flat if it's not kept aired up.

Near on the horizon will be a look at the AEM Dyno-Shaft in real world testing on our RX-7.  We look forward to being able to present the horsepower and torque results that engine modifications make without needing to make constant trips to the chassis dyno.

Real world on car power measurement should prove to be a big advantage in Project V8 RX-7's evolution.


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Project Tundra

The “Ballistic Barn” or “Huge Fast House” as Mike has called Project Tundra continues in its service as a tow rig and parts hauler for all the various MotoIQ projects and functions.  I can tell you from having ridden in this thing at SEMA 2011 that both descriptions of its speed are apt.

When Mike, Jeff, and Martin arrived to pick me up at the airport the truck rumbled nicely with its TRD exhaust and you could just hear a muted whine from the supercharger, it was suitably menacing sounding.  Martin urged Mike to give me “Just a taste, and turn off the traction control.”  But with the crowded Las Vegas traffic Mike wouldn't do it.  During heavy acceleration you could definitely feel the electronic nannies of the Toyota electronic limited slip's ABS cutting in to kill the party.

To quell the constant intervention of the Toyota nannies under heavy throttle an upgrade to an Auburn limited slip differential is planned, the enhanced mechanical grip of the Auburn unit should help keep wheel spin and traction control intervention issues to a minimum.

Instead of using electrons we plan to add traction the old fashioned way with mechanical grip.

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