Project Civic Si Coupe: Part 1 – Spec Stage 2+ Clutch Upgrade


I don’t like that look. It’s the look of a man judging the unkempt nature of my Civic. At least my fluids are clean.

I consider myself an engineer at heart. Unfortunately I’m an idiot at hand, which is why I took my car to Howard Watanabe at Technosquare to install the Spec Stage 2+ clutch. In addition to the fact that driving something I’ve wrenched on myself doesn’t give me any satisfaction – more like anxiety – it feels good to know that my lowly Civic has been on the same lift as many of our most coveted MIQ project cars.


If my Civic is wrong wheel drive does that mean Howard is removing the wrong wheel for this install?

Speaking of a lift, you are going to need one, and more of the same at your disposal to install a clutch on a Civic. I understand all the wrong wheel drive hatred both online and off as the inherent nature of both powering and turning the car with the same set of wheels does not lend itself to the ideal performance formula. Aside from the whole understeer part and the inability to powerslide (or drift, as you kids like to call it) I have no qualms with my FWD. That is, until we installed the clutch. With a RWD, you remove the transmission, install the clutch and then celebrate with a smoky burnout. With a FWD, the process is much more complicated. Read on.


Once you’ve jacked the car up on a lift and removed both of the front wheels, you’ll need to remove both the battery and the air intake. Don’t forget to disconnect the MAF sensor plug.
Now you can raise the car up higher in order to remove the plastic undertray (It’s a good thing I never got around to installing that carbon fiber flat bottom diffuser).
Drain the transmission fluid (and properly dispose of it!).
Remove the front brake calipers from the hub assembly and safety wire them to the spring.


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