WedsSport Introduces New 18″ and 19″ Sizes For The SA-15R For 2014

WedsSport Introduces New 18″ and 19″ Sizes For The SA-15R In 2014


WedsSport SA-15R is the latest addition to our WedsSport series wheels. The SA-15R is a multi-spokes (As known as Fin-Type) which is commonly found on many racing cars around the world. Our designers and engineers have carefully designed the SA-15R spoke position to yield high level of rigidity which ensures the performance integrity needed for a sport wheel. Combining quality material and our AMF manufacturing process, the SA-15R is a strong and light weight wheel.



For 2014, SA-15R receives new 18″ and 19″ sizes. Depending on the size, some SA-15Rs have 12 spokes. 



Weds have added some new sizes and specification for WedsSport SA-15R for 2014. The SA-15R shares the same AMF Technology as all other WedsSport series wheels. It’s light weight, rigid and strong.



Weds want to revive the motor sport racing spirit for both Japanese consumers and its global customers, the WedsSport designers decided to go with the 15 Spoke Fin-Type design which was found to be successful in Touring car, GT and Rally Racing.

Best of all, the SA-15R is priced to be very competitive, giving enthusiasts a chance to sample a quality Japan Made product.



WedsSport SA-15R is designed and produced to exceed the strict JWL / VIA safety standard.



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