Project Corvette Stingray C7 Z51: Remodeling the Interior


When we transferred the climate control knob, all the little jewels from the knob (this is the fan speed side) fell all over the place during the move, and we had to put them carefully back in place.

Once Jeff got the dash assembly prepped, Howard installed it back into the car.

With the dash snapped back in place, Howard reinstalls the trim.

Howard installs the last few trim pieces and installs the fasteners holding the dash panel in place.

Wow, what a difference a few parts make!  Everything all went back perfectly in place with no gaps, squeaks or rattles. With all the care Howard and Jeff took, there are no scratches or damage to the dash parts or leather dash pad and surround either.

These pieces really make the interior pop and give it a higher quality look. Like we said before, we feel that the C7 has a nicer interior than the GT-R at 70% of the price. Adding the carbon especially gives the interior an expensive look.

We know that this segment of our project car has not added one bit of performance to our C7 platform, but sometimes looks do count for something, especially if the rest of the chassis is all about substance!



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