Project DBA R35 GT-R: Getting the Ultimate Custom Car Cover with Covercraft

Project DBA R35 GT-R: Getting the Ultimate Custom Car Cover with Covercraft

by Mike Kojima

The MotoIQ Megashop is in a pretty dusty industrial area in So Cal. Dust gets into our shop and mixes with the normal shop dirt of metal filings and other stuff that naturally flies around when you work with cars.

So unfortunately, some of the nicer cars in our fleet end up being quickly covered by a mixture of nasty shop dirt and neighborhood dust that can turn a freshly cleaned and detailed car into a pigpen in as little as a week.

With the home garage getting a bit crowded with different cars as well, sometimes the GT-R would have to spend the night outside. We didn’t want our cherry R35 to get excessively weathered by outdoor storage either, so it was time to get a cover for it.

Not just any cover would do either. It would have to be dustproof, waterproof and as UV and light resistant as possible so the strong California sun would not eat it up. When looking at various covers, Covercraft seemed like they had the greatest amount of choices and the most technical fabrics so we used their custom cover section of their website to have a killer custom cover made for our GT-R.


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Our custom cover was delivered about three weeks after ordering it. We got an email apologizing for the delay caused by large amounts of orders a few days after ordering, so presumably you get your custom cover faster than we did.


Of a huge selection of different fabrics available, we chose Weathershield HD as our fabric of choice. This is a thick 300 denier fabric for maximum tear strength and UV protection. This fabric is the highest rated for long-term outdoor storage. It has maximum water resistance, dust resistance, and UV resistance. It is so water repellent that water and dirt simply shake off the cover like eggs off a Teflon pan!

Despite being super waterproof and water beading, Weathershield HD breathes and lets any moisture that may be under the car escape, which is important to prevent rust and mildewing the interior. The fabric is also solution dyed, which means that the color is mixed into the very fibers of the cloth, greatly reducing chances of fading or bleeding out onto your car’s paint.

The only thing about Weathershield HD is that it is not silky smooth, so if your car has a fragile paint like black lacquer or something, you might want to take extra care that the cover does not flap in the wind to avoid dulling the paint on the car’s corners.

We ordered our custom cover with a grey top to reflect heat but with black sides to help prevent light from getting to our interior. We also thought that that combo looked pretty cool!


The black sides were chosen to reduce as much light as possible from getting inside the car to fade the interior. The black looks pretty mean as well.


The cover fits over our Black Edition GT-R pretty well and was long enough to wrap under the car. The cover’s elastic is actually polyurethane for improved durability. The tie down points for avoiding wind are grommets that have reinforced mounts. The material itself is chosen to be anti-scratching.

These features and the super durable Weathershield HD fabric allow Covercraft to offer a 6-year warranty on this cover- unheard of for an outdoor cover. In our experience, even a top-of-the-line cover usually doesn’t last more than two years in California sun before they start to deteriorate and cover the car in an annoying dust made of decaying fabric.


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