Project DC2 Integra- Fixing Old Clutch Woes With Centerforce


Our clutch uses Centerforce's renowned dual friction disc. The pressure plate facing side of the disc uses a full face carbon-organic friction material for smoothness and ease of engagement. The full face side has a marcel spring which is a wave type spring that smashes flat as the clutch is engaged. This gives a more gradual and smoother engagement 
The flywheel side of the disc uses 8 carbon-organic pucks bonded directly to the disc. The smaller surface area of the pucks increases the amount of clamping pressure per square inch of friction material surface which increases the holding capacity. To reduce noise, driveline shock, vibrations and to further smooth the clutch's engagement action, a fully sprung hub is used.
To change our clutch, the front wheels are removed, then the lower strut mount is removed from the spindle.  The axle nuts are removed and the axles pulled from the transmission. 
The lower bellhousing bolts are removed next. 
Next, the shift linkage is removed from the transmission side. 
The top bellhousing bolts are removed next. At this point, the clutch slave cylinder can be unbolted from the transmission as well. 

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