Project DC2 Integra- Fixing Old Clutch Woes With Centerforce


The transmission can now be removed from the car.  We used a tranny jack to make removal easier.
Since the old stock clutch was ruined by leaking oil, we changed the rear main seal with a new genuine Honda part at this time. 
The new Centerforce billet flywheel was reinstalled and torqued down. 
The clutch and pressure plate were installed using a pilot tool to ensure that the disc would be aligned correctly.  The pressure plate was torqued down to factory spec. The pilot tool is included with the clutch kit. 
We replaced the throw out bearing with the brand new one that came with the clutch. 
The tranny was jacked into place and everything was reinstalled in the reverse order that it was disassembled.

We were pretty pleased with the new clutch in our Integra. The engagement was very smooth, very close to stock and all the slippage was gone. The clutch pedal was smooth to engage and relatively light.  There were no signs that this was a clutch that could hold significantly more power than stock.

The car accelerated noticeably better and revved more freely with the lighter flywheel.  It was not as a big of a difference compared to the really light flywheels that we frequently use but what we did notice is the driveability is hardly any different than a stock car. 

We feel that this clutch and flywheel combo is ideal for a daily driven car with moderate power gains.  This is exactly what Project DC2 is!  Stay tuned, in the next segment of Project Integra, we will replace the old worn suspension with some performance parts by Whiteline and KW Suspension.

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