Project Ducati Hypermotard Part 2


clutch removal
The slipper clutch reuses the stock friction material shown hanging on the footpeg and the stock springs.

The slipper clutch still allows for plenty of engine braking, just not enough to lock the wheel.  If you downshift fast you can feel the clutch ratchet as the pressure plate slips past the ramps and slips but you can still stay leaned over in a turn and you won’t lose control.  Since we have almost crashed several times on different bikes when downshifting, we appreciate this feature.  The slipper clutch also smooths out the pulses of the big twin’s compression braking, reducing tire shock and improving cornering performance as well.

Ducati Performance carbon clutch cover
The clutch case is left open for better cooling and dust evacuation.  It lets us show off our cool slipper clutch.  A Ducati Performance carbon cover shaves a little weight and saves our boots from getting ground up by the spinning clutch!

The DP slipper clutch has a lightweight red anodized billet aluminum cover and an aluminum clutch basket, nice for reducing rotating weight.  We opted for the street version which has a set rate of slip but DP also has an adjustable racing version.  It uses the stock clutch springs and is designed to function with the stock spring rates. We feel that this clutch offers a significant boost in safety and is a great accessory which we especially recommend. The clutch fits all dry clutched Ducati’s.

To finish off our clutch installation we replaced the metal factory cover with a Ducati Performance carbon fiber open part.  The open cover evacuates clutch dust and helps keep the clutch cool while still protecting your foot from the spinning clutch.  It exposes the blingy anodized clutch so you can see it as well.  The carbon part even saves a little bit of weight.

ducati performance clutch slave cylinder
Ducati Performance has a clutch slave cylinder that reduces lever effort by 25%, a good thing with our shorty levers.  It also lengthens engagement travel making smooth starts easier.  The red anodizing looks cool but it also comes in gold.

While we were in there, we installed a DP high performance clutch slave cylinder as well.  The Ducati Performance clutch cylinder features a larger piston.  This reduces the pull effort by 25% at the lever and offers a smoother longer throw engagement to make it easier to get off the line smoother.  It is also machined from billet aluminum and anodized red.  We really liked the lower lever effort, especially since we were running short Pazzo levers.  The DP slave cylinder also looks cool!

inspection cover
OK so we usually clown ebay parts but we could not resist this billet inspection cover.  It was sort of cheap too.



  1. hi, i have the same clutch, could you send me a copy of the installtion manual?? i have lost my copy.
    best regads Fernando

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