Project Ducati Hypermotard Part 2


ducati performance steering damper
Ducati Performance makes this adjustable hydraulicc steering damper.  The brackets are all super clean for a real factory looking installation.  The damper helps prevent speed wobbles.

Another safety item we had AMS install was a Ducati Performances hydraulic steering damper.  The steering damper helps reduce a bikes tendency to get headshake under high speed cornering or speed wobbles that can be induced on the freeway by surface irregularities.  Some bikes are more prone to this than others and if you have ever experienced this you will know that it can be really scary.

ducati peg sliders
Ok, we kinda forgot to take a good pic of the peg sliders so excuse us.  They are the red Teflon blocks on the bottom of the foot pegs.  They help prevent you from grinding your boots in cornering and also help protect the bike in a minor crash.

The DP steering damper is a quick and easy bolt on.  The damper itself is adjustable and we ended up setting it in the third softest setting.  In this position it still provides a decent amount of damping force but you can’t feel it in ordinary riding.  When we had it set stiffer, we thought it felt a bit odd but some stiffer settings might be useful for track use.  We have yet to feel any hint of wobble or shake with the damper in place.

shift-tech fuel pump cover
The Shift-Tech fuel pump cover replaced a thick plastic part and saved a few ounces.  Really though we just got it for looks!

In case we are inclined to drag the pegs in hard cornering, we installed Ducati Performance’s Teflon peg sliders. These are blocks of red Teflon that bolt to the undersides of the foot pegs.  If you are leaned over, the Teflon will hit first and possibly prevent your boots from dragging.

shift tech key surround
Shift-Tech carbon key surround is good for, uh looks…..

We also got a few cosmetic carbon bits from Shift-Tech to continue to dress our bike up.  We got a carbon fuel pump cover to replace our thick stock plastic part. This looks cool and saves a little bit of weight.  We also got the lock cylinder surround and a finisher for our digital dash which is not for anything other than looks.  These parts may be some of the few parts ever installed on a MotoIQ project just for looks!

shift tech dash surround
Hey our Shift-Tech dash finisher is for looks as well.  What is MotoIQ coming to when we do things for looks?

 Stay tuned, in our next edition of Project Hypermotard we will talk about crash protection and how it worked to protect our bike in our first crash!


AMS/ Advanced Motorsports

Ducati North America


Pazzo Racing


  1. hi, i have the same clutch, could you send me a copy of the installtion manual?? i have lost my copy.
    best regads Fernando

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