Project Ducati Hypermotard Part III: Protection


Some argue that sliders can cause more damage as they can concentrate crash loads on the frame possibly bending it and transmitting shock to the engine cases causing them to crack.  Some also feel that having the bike slide on small points could cause it to catch on something and start flipping making the overall damage worse.  We feel that if you crash hard enough for those things to happen, the bike is probably a goner anyway sliders or not and that the sliders will protect the bike well on common lowside crashes where it simply slides on the ground.

Project Ducati Hypermotard
Motovation’s front axle slider protects a lot of expensive Marrzocchi, Brembo and carbon bits.  It also mounts on a stainless rod through the hollow front axle.

The Hypermotard has an expensive, fabricated from aluminum single sided swingarm which is somewhat thin walled.  A crash on that side of the bike would surely damage it.  Even a minor crash could damage the swingarm enough too have to replace it.  To protect our swingarm we purchased a carbon swingarm protector from Magical Racing.  Magical Racing is a Japanese company that makes high quality carbon parts for Ducatis.  Magical Racing parts are sold by Desmo Works.  The swingarm protector is somewhat expensive but it’s a lot cheaper than a new swingarm!

project Ducati Hypermotard
We were pissed that we thrashed this expensive Magical Racing carbon swingarm protector sold by Desmoworks.  We would have been more pissed if we wrecked or dented the even more expensive single sided fabricated swingarm!  We replaced the part with a new one after the wreck.

In our crash, the parts worked flawlessly.  Our bike slid on the sliders and swingarm protector.  They took a beating but the bike did not get a single scratch.  We were fully geared up so we did not get any road rash although we got a little bruised and twisted our back.  The whole incident was more embarrassing, especially since a large number of motorists pulled over to help us!

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