Project Ducati Hypermotard Part III: Protection


Ducati project hypermotard
The Ducati Performance Mirrors have integrated turn signals which plug directly into the bike’s wiring harness.  They are low current LEDs but have proper resistors to prevent the annoying fast blink.

Since the DP guards have no provision for mirrors, DP also has a mirror kit.  These are conventional bar mounted mirrors that screw into mounts that take the place of the lever clamps for an extremely clean mounting.  The mirrors have built in turn signals that plug and play into the bike’s wiring harness for a super easy installation.  The Ducati Performance mirrors are clear and do not vibrate or lose their adjustment.  The mounting position above the bars gives better rear vision as well.  Since the mirrors are in a conventional position, they are not as likely to be damaged in a crash.

Project Ducati Hypermotard
Big Twins vibrate a lot and the stock mirrors always blurred.  The Ducati Performance mirrors are clear.  The higher stalk mounting helps visibility as well.

Since the drilled holes in the stock bars proved to be weak, we did not replace the bars with a factory part.  We opted to use a set Pro Taper bars since we have always had good luck with these on our Mountain bikes.  We selected a set of Pro Taper EVO bars in the Pastrana bend as it was pretty close to our factory bend.  The Pro Tapers have a corrosion resistant hard anodized finish inside and out for long fatigue free life and also have a varying wall thickness, thick at the triple clamps and thinner towards the ends.  The wall thickness taper makes the bars lighter and helps them damp out engine vibrations making them more comfortable.  We could feel a slight improvement over stock and the stronger bars will help protect the bike in future crashes!  When installing the bars we had to grind the anti rotation pin off of the switch perches with a die grinder but this also enabled us to position the levers more to our liking.

Project Ducati Hypermotard
The Pro Taper bars are lighter and much stronger than stock.  The tapered wall thickness damps out engine vibrations a little and the shotpeened and anodized finish helps fatigue strength and makes the bar corrosion resistant.  The Pastrana bend we used is pretty close to stock.  We shortened the bars a little to get the width close to stock.  All the levers and stuff fit fine with no fiddling.

Our foresight to install some protection saved us from damaging our bike in an expensive way although they did nothing to protect our pride.  Stay tuned, for future developments from Project Hypermotard.

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