Project E36 M3: Part 2 – Wheel Studs, Motorsport Bracing and… Cup Holders?


wheel spacers with studsAchilles Motorsports stud conversion complete and ready for the wheels to be bolted back on.
bmw wheel with spacer and 75mm studsJust a quick glimpse of the fitment on the front wheels coupled with our Rogue Engineering wheel spacers.  Barely even noticeable to the untrained eye, yet the convenience is increased significantly.
BMW wheel missing Roundel capThe design of our factory wheels makes the studs slightly more noticeable on the rear, but it’s still not bad.  The only bad thing we encountered was the condition of our original wheel caps.  The other three look terrible, but this one completely gave up the ghost shortly after purchasing the car, so…
BMW wheel with new Bavarian Autosport wheel capsWe got in touch with our problem solvers at Bavarian Autosport and ordered up a new set of factory Roundel hub caps to clean things up a bit.  Even on our curb-rashed wheels, they really help clean things up.
BMW wheel cap Roundels new versus oldThe newest version of the factory caps are a bit convex, so they have a slightly “3D” effect compared to the originals, as well as a new silver band which now goes all the way to the edge.  They also have a distinct lack of cracking and color chipping.

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