Project E36 M3: Part 2 – Wheel Studs, Motorsport Bracing and… Cup Holders?


Installation is incredibly simple, especially considering the noticeable changes the brace produces.  It’s a 30-minute job at the most on an M3, and that includes getting the car up and safely secured, removing the old brace, cleaning, and installing the new cross brace.

BMW motorsport x brace installedHere’s the finished product.  Note how well it ties the frame rails to the subframe, and it becomes obvious how it produces such an improvement in steering feel and rigidity.  Also note the added benefit of protection for your oil pan.  It’s a brilliantly simple factory part that every E36 owner should consider.  
Project E36 M3 APEX Arc-8 18x9 stock suspensionThanks to Pablo Mazlumian, author of the Project E46 M3 articles, for his fantastic motion shots of Project E36 M3.  This is also another bonus view of our new wheels from an upcoming feature.

Stay tuned for our next article coming soon. We'll be getting into Version 1.0 of our suspension upgrade path…



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