Project E36 M3: Part 4 – APEX Arc-8 Wheels and Michelin PSAS3 Tires


Rogue Megalight Spacer notchAs with the old Lightweight spacers, these Megalight versions still employ the handy notched edges for those times when your wheel spacers get fused to the hub after long periods of being on the car. Pop a flat head screwdriver tip in there and it’s a non-issue.
Achilles Motorsports 90mm wheel studs versus 75mmOf course my miscalculations also meant that my just-long-enough 75mm studs on the front wheels would no longer work with the thicker wheels spacers. It was time to install some big boy 90mm studs from Achilles Motorsports as replacements. 
Project E36 M3 with APEX Arc-8The fitment and design of the APEX Arc-8s are perfect on Project E36 M3, and they even happen to look pretty amazing in motion, at least when Pablo “The Photo Pro” Mazlumian is holding the camera.
Project E36 M3 Part 5 previewA quick sneak peak of Part 5, as we put the final touches on Version 1.0 of the suspension.

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Rogue Engineering

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Hanchey Vehicle Technologies

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