Project E39 M5, Part 1: Stopping the Ultimate Driving Machine

, carries a complete line of StopTech and Centric parts which also allowed us to order all the necessary brake hardware and sensors needed to ensure a thorough overhaul of our M5's braking system. Not having to make a separate stop at the BMW dealership for the rubber slide pin boots, pad retaining clips, pad sensors, etc. is a huge convenience. Not to mention a bit of a money saver when compared to dealership prices.


These are the Centric brake pad wear sensors which are cut to the perfect length for a clean installation. You can see the very small details like the small earhole for the sensor on the left above. This is used to secure the sensor wire to the bleed screw on the brake caliper to keep it away from any moving parts. 


The brake pad wear sensors work by placing this “fuse” recessed on the back of the brake pad. As the pad wears, the fuse gets closer to the rotor. When the fuse finally gets shaved down from contact with the rotor the circuit is broken and you get an annoying, yet helpful, light on your dash letting you know your pads need to be replaced.


Rounding out our list of OE replacement parts are the steel braided brake lines included in the StopTech Sport Kit. Our M5 had almost 104K miles on the clock when we picked it up and we were sure the brake lines had never been replaced. Rubber brake lines swell under hard braking even when new, so you can imagine how eager we were to get rid of that old rubber. The new StopTech steel braided brake lines will improve brake feel and transmit our brake pedal pressure to the calipers much more efficiently. The lines come with new copper washers where applicable and all necessary hardware. In order to meet DOT standards the area where the lines and fittings meet is reinforced. The black plastic sleeves will prevent the hose ends from fatiguing from continual cycles.


It was now time to let the BMW Specialists over at Pure Performance work their magic. Pure Performance may be known for their deep motorsports involvement with BMWs, but they are also certified BMW technicians. So not only can they build you a class winning race car, but they will also be more than happy to take care of all your BMW maintenance needs. I'm sure you can understand why the car is on the lift with the wheels off…but why the heck has the front bumper been removed? You're just going to have to keep reading to find out.


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  1. What are the part numbers and where did you source the:
    – brake ducts
    – pork chop with duct slot. Wheel well liner.

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