Project E39 M5, Part 1: Stopping the Ultimate Driving Machine


With the brake ducts in place the team at Pure Performance started dismantling our M5. Our M5's finish is in really good condition so the fender protectors and care the techs at Pure Performance took with our project was greatly appreciated.


Our old rotors next to our Cryogenically treated StopTech slotted rotors. Our new rotors are stronger, more efficient and will remain corrosion free. We measured the thickness of the front rotors and just as we had suspected, they were below the minimum recommened thickness. The minimum recommened thickness for these rotors is 30.4mm and ours measured in at a hair above 30mm.


The StopTech stainless steel braided brake lines were a perfect fit, which made for a very smooth and simple installation. We weren't too concerned about brake fluid loss as we were going to be bleeding the entire brake system with some fresh Motul RBF660.


The techs at Pure Performance cleaned and lubed all moving parts and the edges of the brake pads to ensure smooth trouble free operation. The purple stuff they use we've never seen before, it's a product from Wurth that they swear by.


Before installing your new StopTech rotors be sure to thoroughly clean the friction surface. New rotors come with an oily anti-corrosion coating that MUST be cleaned off before use. This is the only way to make sure you can bed your pads in properly. This is a critical step that is often overlooked.


The mating surface between the rotor and hub must also be cleaned off. A wire brush is used to remove any corrosion build up on the hub and then anti seize is spread on the mating surface to prevent the rotor from seizing to the hub.


With freshly lubed caliper hardware, new stainless steel brake lines, and a thoroughly cleaned mating surface the techs at Pure Performance start putting our front brakes components together. Don't those new rotors look sexy?!


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  1. What are the part numbers and where did you source the:
    – brake ducts
    – pork chop with duct slot. Wheel well liner.

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