Project E39 M5, Part 2: Installing and Testing the Corsa Performance Exhaust


Taken back by just how difficult it was to move around the complete one-piece factory rear section of the M5's exhaust, we just had to get some weight info! The silver section in the middle are the resonators, which the Corsa Performance exhaust completely eliminates. That part alone is almost 40 pounds!


Your eyes are not deceiving you folks, that is the weight of just the factory rear exhaust section. 91 freaking pounds! We also took the time to weigh the three piece Corsa Performance exhaust system. The x pipe section is 13 pounds, the driver side muffler section is 16 pounds, and the slightly longer passenger side is 18 pounds, for a total system weight of 47 pounds. That's a weight savings of 44 pounds!!!


Safety is of the upmost importance (in more ways than one) here at MotoIQ. Before we start the process of welding the new exhaust to our Project we made sure the battery was completely disconnected.


Howard and I begin to mock up the Corsa Performance exhaust for one final walk through before we start the process of permanently mating things together. Before anyone says anything, I will be getting new tires soon. Just want to do a couple smoky burn outs first before retiring them. Go follow us on Instagram for a possible video in the near future! And you can also see and hear the E39 M5 on its post exhaust install dyno run. 


Howard starts by making a couple of tack welds and we re-check fitment. He then makes a complete weld on the bottom half before we remove the x pipe section and factory mid pipes completely. Once on the ground Howard can then weld the top half and ensure a thorough weld all around.



  1. Hi, no idea when this was posted but I am currently looking for a stock left side m5 muffler any chance you would still have it? Thanks!

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