Project E39 M5, Part 2: Installing and Testing the Corsa Performance Exhaust


Now that our Corsa Performance x pipe section was permanently attached to our factory mid pipes (catalytic converter section), it was time to finally bolt up the Corsa mufflers and make sure the three piece system was aligned properly. Getting the tips oriented correctly and perfectly level requires a little patience, but be sure to take your time in this step. The mufflers and tips are really the only parts of the exhaust you will be able to see, so you want to make sure you're looking proper. 


Booya! Now take a step back and enjoy your new shiny cans! The installation of the Corsa Performance exhaust should've gone much smoother, but that wasn't the fault of the parts. If our car would've had the clamps it was supposed to after the cats the installation process would have been much less involved. But even with all the extra work we were very satisfied with the fitment and aesthetics of the entire system. 


Now for the info you have all been patiently waiting for! The final dyno numbers with the Corsa Performance exhaust were 303whp and 282 ft lbs of torque. That's a peak gain of 21 wheel horsepower and 17 ft lbs of torque! But also take a look at the gains around 6,000 rpms – that's about 30 wheel horsepower!!! Needless to say, we definitely accomplished the first part of our goal.


Something worth mentioning was the little bit of detonation we heard on the lower end of the power band during our dyno sessions. We noticed that we could make it go away for the most part by slowly getting on the throttle, but not completely. So to be safe we added a can of Royal Purple Max Boost, as we have had good results with it in the past


Here is a comparison of the best dyno runs with the Royal Purple Max boost and without, both were done after installing the Corsa Performance exhaust. Amazing what a little fuel stabilization will do. We attribute the gains to the Max Boost eliminating the knock we were getting from our California crap-tane 91 fuel and keeping the stock computer happy. 


As soon as we took the car off the dyno I could not wait to get in it and take it for a spin. Let me tell you, this is by far the best performance exhaust I have ever had in any of my cars. The car is louder at cold start now, but not enough to piss off the neighbors. With the windows up you can barely tell there's an aftermarket exhaust on the car as long as you're driving calm and steady. The same goes when you're cruising at highway speeds, zero drone! But once the BMW deuchebaggery kicks in and you really start getting on it, you realize that the car has been transformed. You know when you're passing 4,000 rpms because the car truly starts coming alive. The sounds emitted from the S62 are music to the ears' of any performance minded individual. It's not just the sounds though, you can really feel the 30 ponies the Corsa Performance exhaust unleashed. 

Our goal to find significant power gains while still maintaining daily driving civility have been met and we could not be happier with the results. If you are in the market for an exhaust and have similar goals as ours, you have to give Corsa Performance a look. To recap, we gained 30whp in some areas, 20 whp peak, lost 44 pounds of unnecessary weight, and we have an amazing sounding exhaust. Win, win, win!




Corsa Performance

Royal Purple



  1. Hi, no idea when this was posted but I am currently looking for a stock left side m5 muffler any chance you would still have it? Thanks!

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