Project E39 M5: StopTech Front & Rear Trophy Kit Installation


The front rotors have a couple of small retaining bolts that must be removed before the rotor can come off. The rear rotor is then removed after tapping it loose with a soft hammer.


The stock dust shield now has to be removed. This is important to make room for the bigger rotor and to allow better cooling for the new rotor. There are a few 10mm bolts that must be removed and a small section on one of the upper corners of the dust shield must be cut off in order to allow the dust shield to spread open enough to slide off..


With all the brake components off the front hub now is a good time to scrape off the rust layer that builds up on the rotor mounting surface.


With a clean rotor mounting area we can now begin the process of installing the new StopTech parts. First we install the caliper bracket that gets bolted to the OE knuckle. The new StopTech bracket is machined from 7075 aluminum and is hard anodized for corrosion resistance.


Here we have the new StopTech AeroRotor rotor compared to the stock front rotor. As previously mentioned, the stock front rotors really are decently sized. The new AeroRotor is 10mm larger in diameter and the same thickness. The StopTech rotor will be less likely to warp since it has much more internal cooling area and much better air circulation.


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