Project E39 M5: StopTech Front & Rear Trophy Kit Installation


Before we install our new AeroRotor we will give the backside one final clean with brake parts cleaner to make sure we remove any and all contaminants from the rotor’s friction surface.


After the new rotor is in place the stock retaining bolts must be re-installed. It is very helpful that the new AeroRotors have the provisions for the stock retaining screws as they keep the rotor from moving around. This will facilitate the caliper installation tremendously.


Now it’s time to load the Sport brake pads onto our ST60 caliper. We start by unbolting and removing the bridge which will allow us to slide the new pads in from the top side of the caliper.


The caliper is now loaded with its brake pads and ready to install. Before you start the caliper installation do yourself a favor and install the supplied stainless steel brake line now. StopTech’s braided steel brake lines are DOT approved and improve both brake feel and ABS operation.


The calipers have Left and Right stickers, but in case you get excited and remove them before you get a chance to mount them you can tell which side is which by just ensuring the caliper’s bleed nipples are pointing up when the calipers are mounted.


The caliper simply slides onto the supplied aluminum caliper mounting bracket. Torque the two bolts to StopTech’s specs and you’re ready to disconnect the OE caliper from the OE hard line and screw in the new line from the ST60 caliper. Now step back and stare at the new sexy front set-up – those are some serious brakes worthy of our M5!


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