Project E46 M3, Part 1: Dyno and acceleration testing


This is what I was referring to when discussing the C-pillar upholstery.  Apparently this issue is common because the previous two E46s I saw also had this problem.   


Fortunately, Bavarian Autosport has an inexpensive solution, which includes brand new O.E. replacements for less than $50 a side.


After a 10 minute install for each side, I have an interior I can look back at and not cringe.


With the car's idiosyncrasies taken care of, it was time to hit Modified By KC's Dynojet 424x.  A 290 whp baseline proves that our car is an extraordinarily healthy example, and our 300 whp goal for today is looking very promising.  On a 40F day, this started us off at a healthy 13.5-second quarter at 108.7 mph with just two tries on the stock-sized Sumitomo tires (more acceleration data on Page 4). 


As soon as we established a baseline, it was right to flushing the drivetrain fluids and changing the fuel and oil filters.  But first, we ran the car for ten minutes with Liqui Moly's Engine Flush to free up any build-up around any lubricated engine parts.  This was followed by the addition of Liqui Moly 10w-60 fully synthetic oil, and Liqui Moly Ceratec anti-friction oil additive.



Liqui Moly Jetron and Valve Clean fuel additives are supposed to free up any carbon build up around the valves and combustion chambers, and are part of the whole Liqui Moly “engine renewal” kit as sold through Bavarian Autosport



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