Project E46 M3: Part 13 – Lightweight clutch and flywheel, and more!


In order to easily reach the starter cables, for this car it’s just a lot easier to remove the intake manifold because the CSL-style unit from Castro Motorsports featured in Part 12 takes about 3 minutes to remove.

With the Castro Motorsports CSL intake manifold off, it’s easy to access the starter cables. There’s a positive, a negative, and a switch—pretty self-explanatory when you see it. Again, did you remember to disconnect the battery before doing this? If not, chances are you’ll be reminded shortly with a nasty spark.

Oh why not—let’s have some Formula 1 on the TV while we’re at it. So who’s going to win this year? Lewis? Or Nico? (come on, Max!)

When working under a car, I’ve found that certain areas, especially around the headers and tranny, can be hard to see even in a properly lit garage. With these LED inspector safety glasses from, I can see everything, and they’re only 10 bucks.

As you might have imagined, basically wherever you’re looking at gets lit up with the LED glasses. Here’s a shot of our Swain Tech coated VAC Motorsport headers, which thankfully we will not have to remove.

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