Project E46 M3: Part 14 – Short shift kit and lightweight clutch and flywheel testing!!


The optional DSSR (double shear selector rod) replaced the factory unit, and it was developed by UUC Motorwerks for added smoothness and precision. It runs an extra $129 on top of the $355 shift kit, but it’s well worth it if you want to eliminate any play in the shift feel.
When compared to a stock M3’s single-shear selector rod, the difference in quality is instantly noticed.  This is one beefy unit! Not only will the steel construction add considerably more strength, but the fact that the double-shear setup spreads the load over two points at each end—as opposed to the factory unit, which puts the force at a 90 degree angle—will help promote greater precision and longer life for the bushings. This should ensure a new-like feel for years to come.
To remove the factory selector rod, simply flip the retaining clip at the front up with a flat head screwdriver and remove the pin.
To install the short shift kit you’ll be using the factory carrier. This piece modifies the factory carrier to accept the new UUC arm, and it also replaces that brittle, factory plastic pivot ball.
This is what it should look like from the side—notice it’s not totally straight at the top when looking at it compared to the top of the factory rod. But as long as the holes line up in the center you’re good to go. Torque them down gently with the supplied Allen key. I also used the supplied Loc-Tite on these small screws.


    1. hi and funny you should ask because–while I’ve sold the car a year ago to my father in CA (and I’m in KC)–he was actually sitting 5ft away from me when I saw this note so I was able to ask him and he says it’s relatively quiet. Can hear the chatter a bit during idle and of course if you turn the AC on but it’s not obnoxious or anything like that. thanks for reading!

    2. Hey I have the car currently! It’s pretty low key you won’t be able to tell while driving obviously, sometimes at idle although you here a lot of chatter lol. I personally think it’s amazing, after first gear it’s super forgiving. Per the clutch it’s very easy to set off, catch and rev match or heel toeing ( I guess part of that is owed to the flywheel too) and the stiffness imo is perfect. Short shifter is the cherry on top.

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