Project E46 M3: Part 14 – Short shift kit and lightweight clutch and flywheel testing!!


At the other end of the factory carrier, we install the supplied UUC Delrin bushings. UUC reports there is about 25% side-to-side play in the carrier with the factory bushings. UUC once tried urethane and hard rubber but these Delrin bushings are much firmer, thus reducing that play significantly. If you choose not to upgrade to an EVO3 shift kit (or have a different one in there already that uses the stock carrier), these can be purchased separately from UUC for $25.

Delrin is a crystalline plastic commonly used in driveline components. It’s strong and stiff, while also featuring high fatigue resistance. It also has a high level of resistance to chemicals.

Since UUC produces these Delrin bushings at a 0.001-in tolerance, they’re a very tight fit. I had to lightly tap the carrier down with a rubber mallet. You can see some of the plastic shearing off as it gets hammered down. Boy, that shifter is going to feel tight!
At the other end, simply flip the retaining clip back over and this shifting arm is good to go.
With the DSSR arm installed, this is what it should look like underneath. UUC supplies all new retaining clips, but they also sell these seperately in case you ever lose them or need them refreshed.
This is what it should look like from inside the cabin. The shifter should be very straight up and down. The shifter is also height adjustable but we left it how it was sent to us, which was in the tallest setting.

This shifter from UUC runs $355. If you’ve already got a competitor’s short shift kit on your car and are concerned about selling the shifter, UUC will make it easy by sending you $100 after you install an EVO3!

Let’s compare the difference in throw between the stock shifter and the UUC EVO3 on the next page…


    1. hi and funny you should ask because–while I’ve sold the car a year ago to my father in CA (and I’m in KC)–he was actually sitting 5ft away from me when I saw this note so I was able to ask him and he says it’s relatively quiet. Can hear the chatter a bit during idle and of course if you turn the AC on but it’s not obnoxious or anything like that. thanks for reading!

    2. Hey I have the car currently! It’s pretty low key you won’t be able to tell while driving obviously, sometimes at idle although you here a lot of chatter lol. I personally think it’s amazing, after first gear it’s super forgiving. Per the clutch it’s very easy to set off, catch and rev match or heel toeing ( I guess part of that is owed to the flywheel too) and the stiffness imo is perfect. Short shifter is the cherry on top.

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