Project E46 M3: Part 15 – more exhaust testing and weight reduction


Compared to the factory unit, we save 1.4 pounds with the Megan Racing performance mid-pipe.


When we add the two Megan Racing pieces together—sections 1 and 2—we’re lft with just under a 1lb weight loss. Hey, it’s like when a Camaro pulls up next to you at the light, only you’re caught with a Chipotle burrito in hand weighing down the car. Wouldn’t you chuck it out the window? No? Okay, never mind. Let’s move on.

The Megan Racing exhaust not only looks good but it is an absolutely great fit. In fact, I’ve already installed it twice with no worries. Everything lines up beautifully.

Here’s another shot of the Section 1 portion of the Megan Racing performance mid-pipe installed. Nice and straight.

With the supplied hardware the Megan Racing performance mid-pipe is a straight forward installation.  Megan reports that this performance mid-pipe is intended for off-road use only, and should not be used on a public highway.


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