Project E46 M3: Part 15 – more exhaust testing and weight reduction


The Bavarian Autosport-imported Scorpion exhaust comes from England, and is a direct replacement to the factory unit. I like the fact that Scorpion was able to fit in a couple of more resonators at the inlet, because every bit helps with noise reduction, and this car needs it with that upgraded header system from VAC. The exhaust is also constructed of T-304 stainless and is TUV approved for quality and safety.

Here’s the factory muffler we’ll be replacing, which is already connected to our Megan Racing performance mid-pipe. In this configuration, the car sounds simply awesome. Because the exhaust is so much quieter overall, the roar of the Castro Motorsports intake up front is the only thing that is really pronounced. I tell you, if the rear muffler didn’t weigh so much (54 lb) I’d consider keeping on.

Here’s a close-up of the Scorpion muffler resonators at the inlet. I’m always thankful for companies going the extra mile to quiet things down. After all, I’m not 16 years old any more and I can’t hear my wife as well while driving (although some call that “selective hearing”). But it’s not worth losing the performance over so I’m keeping those headers. Since every little bit counts in the weight department as well, I could tell her to lose some but then she would hit me.

The Scorpion exhaust weighs in at 35.3 lb (35 lb 4.5 oz). When compared to the factory muffler, we’re talking a near 19-lb weight savings from this section alone.

Installed, the fitment is perfect, and also verified for us that the Khoalty carbon fiber rear diffuser that we featured in Part 10 is also a perfect fit. The tips fit perfectly inside, and needed no adjusting.

So how did the exhaust do on the dyno? Find out on the next page!

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