Project E46 M3: Part 16 – Koyorad radiator installation


On three different spots, where the shroud is secured onto the radiator, Koyorad replaced the factory screws which much better machine screws.

This also includes a machine screw conversion to the side bolt that secures the shroud just underneath the driver-side radiator hose. This one is especially nice because it allows the use of a slim gear ratchet accessed from the top. Otherwise, you’re left using use a Phillips screwdriver from the side, with very little room due to the headlight there.

Removing a radiator isn’t complicated on an E46 M3. I even recall seeing a website that rated this job a 3-out-of-5 star difficulty. If a 1-star is an intake kit, and 5-star is swapping a motor, I’d call this a 2- or maybe 2.5-star job that requires fairly basic tools. With a flathead screwdriver, we can remove the four plastic rivets that secure the radiator cover.

There are a few connectors that will need to be unplugged before the radiator is removed. 

To remove the other plastic “J” piece that protects against the clutch fan, there’s another plastic rivet you’ll have to take out from the rear.

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