Project E46 M3- Part 18: E46 M3 vs E90 M3


As always, we like to add some bonus tech after a visit to Modified by KC. For anyone who loves Subarus, we’ve got a couple of good ones here. This blue one is featuring MKC’s Stage 1 forged piston motor, which has a stock-located Blouch 1.5XTR turbo featuring a Garrett center housing, and is good for 450 whp and 430 lb-ft of torque using Injector Dynamics’ new ID1050X injectors.

A second black Subaru STi was lurking around, but this one is a different animal. It features one of the first Cosworth engines in the country and this particular setup is good for 775 WHP thanks to a BorgWarner EFR 9180 turbo.

MKC made custom hard lines for the twin wastegate setup.

There is one boost solenoid for each wastegate. The solenoids are made for MKC by MAC.

More evidence of it being a Cosworth engine with the intake manifold.

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