Project E46 M3: Part 2 – Cat-back Exhaust and Pulleys


This is the connection between sections 1 and 2.  Notice the factory resonator to the left and the “rasp-elimination” cross-over up top, under the transmission jack.  Take note of how the nuts and bolts go.  You want the bolt heads on the welds side, and the nuts and washers on the other end.  If this is reversed, you’ll get the wrench socket to a point where it can’t grab the thin nuts anymore because it comes into contact with the welds and you won’t be able to get a normal wrench on it.  Thus, you’ll be left unable to tighten or even loosen the nut (ask me how I know this—I lost nearly an hour here)!

Here’s MKC’s Ryan’s three helping hands, aligning the tips.  Corsa makes this simple and straight forward with the multiple connections in the exhaust system.

The tips can be aligned to have a factory-like look.

A close-up of the pretty stainless tips, which we ordered in optional “Black Chrome” from Corsa.

Back on MKC’s Dynojet. Before testing the actual exhaust we wanted to establish a new baseline, given our 6-month absence since our last runs.  After all, while the Dynojet may have its own weather station, it cannot predict how much the fuel and ignition maps in the car’s ECU get trimmed in warmer climates.  We had left off at 304whp in Part 1, but our new baseline put us at 301whp in this climate, and things are still looking good.

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