Project E90 M3: Part 4 – Wheels and Tires

Front Conti Tire WeightThe 245/35-19 Front DW weighs in at a light 22lbs.  Less unsprung weight contributes to improved handling and this tire is a few pounds lighter than most of its competitors.

Rear Conti Tire WeightThe 265/35-19 Rear DW tips the scales at 24.4lbs.
VMR WheelThe V703 wheel instantly improves the visual impact of our M3. The finishing touch for our mounted wheel and tire is the ///M Motorsport logo that fits perfectly in the intended depression that’s cast into the wheel.
Wheel SpacerThe Turner Motorsport 20mm wheel spacers fit perfectly and pushes the 19×9.5 +40 front wheels out 11mm wider than factory.
VMR Rear wheel offsetFrom the rear, the V703 wheels combined with the 20mm front Turner wheel spacers give our M3 a wider stance that not only looks better visually, but the increased front track width will improve front grip and reduce understeer in the corners.

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