Project E90 M3: Part 5 – K&N Filter

With the dyno work done, we took a peek around Power by the Hour to see what was new that they had going on.

Power by the Hour 6R80 controller
Power by the Hour’s all new 
6R80 Powertrain Control Pack allows for use of the 6 speed auto on the 11-14 Coyote and 07-14 GT500 engines. This stout transmission can handle 4-digit power figures and is a must-have in the high powered drag racing world. This system is made in the USA and controls both the engine and transmission in an OEM-quality package that retains functions like select shift, cruise control, OBD connectivity, and much more.
Power by the Hour Roush Stage 3
This 2014 Roush Stage 3 customer car will have the OEM RoushCharged 5.0 removed in favor of an all new Cobra Jet engine from FRPP. Power by the Hour will be doing a full e-85 fuel system, built 6R80 auto, add in a trans brake, install a Wavetrac-equipped Moser 9 inch diff, and have Lund Racing tune it. This car is targeting a 10.0 in the ¼-mile class in multiple different series.
Power by the Hour Twin Turbo 5.0 GT Joe Basiles
Joe Basiles Twin Turbo Heavy weight GT was built completely in-house by Power by the Hour and features a Fluid Turbo Concepts system, MPR built engine, PBH built 6R80 trans, PBH built 8.8 diff with Wavetrac, Maximum Motorsports suspension, Fore Innovations e85 fuel system, and tuned by Lund Racing.  At a hefty 4,150lbs race weight, this daily driven sleeper clocked a 8.56@165mph on a 17″ drag radial, besting the 8.84@160mph 
it did on 20” MT rubber back when we featured in in Project Viper GTS over a year ago.

Power by the Hour Shop Development Car 97 Cobra
Power by the Hour’s
 product development car is a 1997 Cobra
 built in house with a PBH built Coyote engine, VMP supercharger, PBH Built 6r80 with the PBH 6r80 Control pack, Willwood Brakes, Maximum Motorsports suspension, Lund Racing tuning. The car runs 10’s while holding its own in the auto cross.  Not bad for a full street car that will go 9’s when done on drag radials.
Power by the Hour Frank Perdomo American Iron Fox
PBH’s Frank Predomo will be racing this Coyote-powered 1990 Coupe in American Iron.  This Fox features an Astro performance T5 transmission, Ram clutch, Fore Innovations fuel system, Maximum Motorsports suspension, Wilwood brakes, AIM datalogger, TIG Vision cage and will be co-sponsored by Power by the Hour and Griffin Auto Repair.

To say Power by the Hour know Mustang is an understatement.  They build some of the fastest Mustangs in Florida on the street and for both drag and road racing.  They are a pleasure to deal with and we always appreciate their knowledge and expertise when doing work on our own MotoIQ project cars.


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