Project EJ Honda Civic – Fixing a Leaky Head for more Power!


You can see the cleaned up bowl and valve job on the intake side here.  The seat is really opened up and the port volume is minimally affected.
The exhaust port is similar with the exception of the cut down exhaust valve guides and valve guide bosses.  Look how much clearer the exhaust port is now.
The intake port from the manifold side.
The exhaust port from the manifold side.  Cleaning up the valve guide and boss really opens up the port.
All of the sharp edges of the chamber are smoothed.  You can really see how effective the valve unshrouding will be as well as how smooth and unobstructed the radius valve job is.  Tom skimmed our head 0.005″ to get rid of the warping from our blown headgasket.
Tom cleans up the valve seating area on the stock valves in a valve grinding machine careful to take the least amount of material off the valve face.  Tom says back cutting and other tricks don’t help on the B Series head so he doesn’t bother.

Our B18C head is now cleaned up and ready to go quite a few more miles.  Tom tells us that this level of porting can support up to the low 200 hp range just fine.  Portflow can also do much more intensive port work but for a mild street motor this is really all that is needed.  We will be getting further into our motor later with some off the shelf JE pistons and K1 rods and some Skunk 2 camshafts.  We figure our mild motor should make a little over 200 hp.  Stay tuned!

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