Project EP3 Civic Si: Fixing the @$#%! Steering for Good with SHG Motor Works!


Once the stock slider was removed, Howard cleaned out the old, hard stock grease by wiping the rack and moving it back and forth. If the old grease is really bad, the rack could be disassembled and repacked with the silicone grease. 

Here is the rack, nice and clean and ready to install the new slider.

Next, Howard applies the silicone grease to the SHG slider and the rack.

The metal inserts that the bracket bolts tighten against are pushed into the new slider. The SHG slider is reinstalled and the boot slipped back over it. 

The metal inserts in the rack slider are re-indexed with the holes in the rubber boot. 



  1. Hi Team,

    This is Kushal from Mauritius and i need your help guys.

    Great explanation, i will be doing it on my Honda soon but something is really bothering me.

    I have already removed the steering unit from the car and it was removed while the steering was in center position.

    My query is that how will i be able to move the slider to the end side to get it out so as i can grab it?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


  2. If you already have the unit out of the car all you would have to do is move the dust boot. Take off the band clamp then move the boot enough to go past the slider to do this install.

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