Project EP3 Civic Si: Fixing the @$#%! Steering for Good with SHG Motor Works!


The tie rod bracket is reinstalled.

Now the rack can be reinstalled into the car. The steering shaft and the power assist motor are reconnected. 

The tie rods are hooked back up and the intake reinstalled. Re alignment is not needed since none of the adjusters for the tie rods have been touched.  Now it's time to go for a test drive!

We were really amazed at what a huge difference in our car's handling that the SHG Motor Works steering rack slide made. The wandering, which had progressed to scary proportions, was now totally gone. 

The weird steering feel and stickiness that we had wrongly attributed to the electric power steering was also largely gone. You could now feel that the car had better self-steer and you could also feel the feedback that positive caster gives you against steering wheel movement. There was still some numbness that is typical of a lot of electric power steering systems about the center of the steering so it was not perfect but it was 100% better than it was.

After talking to several other EP3 and RSX owners, the wandering steering is a very common issue with these chassis and this is the cure for the problem after the bump steer is reduced with other parts.

Now we can finally say that our EP3 handles great and we have largely fixed all of the platforms bugaboos. It's time to hit the track and get a feel for how our car will do.  With our handling and brakes dialed, now we will start to think about upgrading the cars engine, drivetrain and cosmetics. The fun will begin!


SHG Motor Works


  1. Hi Team,

    This is Kushal from Mauritius and i need your help guys.

    Great explanation, i will be doing it on my Honda soon but something is really bothering me.

    I have already removed the steering unit from the car and it was removed while the steering was in center position.

    My query is that how will i be able to move the slider to the end side to get it out so as i can grab it?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


  2. If you already have the unit out of the car all you would have to do is move the dust boot. Take off the band clamp then move the boot enough to go past the slider to do this install.

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