Project EP3 Si, Going 5 Lug with Wheels from Enkei and Nitto NT05 Tires


The first thing that Isaac did was to cut off the offending tab.  Then he drilled a hole through the quarter panel and bumper flanges and fastened the bumper to the quarter panel with a small bolt and nut. This gave us a lot more clearance.

Isaac bolts the bumper cover to the quarter panel and one big rub offender is eliminated for good.

The next step Isaac took was to heat the whole quarter panel and the wheel well flange with a heat gun.  Isaac took his time and slowly got everything really hot.

This helps get the paint nice and elastic so it won’t crack when the fenders are rolled. Isaac says it also helps the fender lip bend properly so it can be folded up without distorting the outer part of the quarter panel making ripples.

Isaac attached this fender rolling tool to our cars hub and starts to roll the fender lip upward.

The fender roller tool sold by Parts Shop Max is one of the best in the industry and this is what Isaac uses for his jobs.

After a few passes with the fender rolling tool, Isaac keep the heat on the quarter panel, not letting it cool off.

It takes patience and steady movement of the heat gun to get the quarter panel hot enough to bend but not so hot the paint gets damaged.


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  1. I would like to know what is the best header for my 03 Honda civic si. I also have a 07 Honda elimate fc with a 2.4 liter I would like to know if a Doran block what be a benifit on this vechile. Please give me your best recommendation.

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