Project EP3 Si, Going 5 Lug with Wheels from Enkei and Nitto NT05 Tires


Once everything was up to temperature again Isaac rolled the fender more.  Soon the fender lip and the quarter panel were subtlety rolled out, giving us and inch or so of clearance where before we had none.

We were rubbing here before, so we can adjust out a lot of the negative camber we had to run just to get temporary tire clearance.

With Isaac’s help, we now have plenty of room, no rubbing and no waves or distortions on the side of the car.  We can now adjust the camber from 4 degrees negative to 2 or less!  The big 235 NT05 tires really fill the wheel wells.

We had no issues with rubbing in the front, but Isaac bent the tabs holding the fender liner to the fender by hand to give us more clearance just in case.

Getting a good wheel and tire fitment really made our EP3 go from dumpy to awesome looking right away.

With good wheels and tires on our car with our upgraded hubs and big brakes, we are next going to be turning our attention to our car’s suspension.  We have some cool stuff coming from Fortune Auto and Whiteline to bring our lowly EP3’s handling in line with the rest of the parts we are installing!



Enkei Wheels

Nitto Tire

Parts Shop Max




Hawk Performance Brake Pads


Centric Parts



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  1. I would like to know what is the best header for my 03 Honda civic si. I also have a 07 Honda elimate fc with a 2.4 liter I would like to know if a Doran block what be a benifit on this vechile. Please give me your best recommendation.

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